Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hope and Faith are the life blood of success...

Never give up hope because hope is like the heart; it keeps the blood of determination flowing through your veins, and without that blood, you cannot take any sort of action. If you stop thinking that there is a way, if you lose hope, then all possible roads to victory will be closed, because your hope paved those roads. It always takes time for desired results to manifest. Time is something that we cannot control, and we don’t like to be without control. When you feel out of control and as if time is passing too slowly, think of what you can control. We can control how and what we do in the time while we are waiting. When you are waiting to hear back from one job, apply to others. When you are waiting to hear if your partner has cheated on you, surround yourself with friends and family; cultivate the relationships that are steadfast in your life. The more we are actively pursuing our goals the closer they come within our reach…(3D)

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