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Think big,


Achieve success one step at a time with "A Mile A Day", your daily guide to reaching your goals and living your best life



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"Joseph Ligé, a St. Louis native, has overcome adversity to become a successful entrepreneur, musician, inventor, and author. He attributes his success to his Rule of "3D": Desire + Determination = Achieving Dreams, which he learned from his blind grandfather. He now shares his secrets to success with others, encouraging them to actively shape their lives and not just accept them as they are."

"Achieving your goals and desires is within reach with A MILE A DAY philosophy. Focus on daily progress and set goals in every aspect of your life, reaching them one at a time. This approach will empower you to take control of your life and reach your milestones. Start your journey to greatness today with A MILE A DAY."



You are the master of your own destiny. Direct your thoughts towards your goals to shape your reality. Remember, you are what you think. Take control of your thoughts and watch as your life transforms.

Joe Ligé - Motivational speaker talks about how to become successful

Joe Ligé - Motivational speaker talks about how to become successful

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