Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The strongest power is the power of thought. Thought can move people to move mountains. The joy you feel when you are in a good state of mind is the purest form of positive thought. Negative thoughts are just what they sound like—a minus. They detract from the positive. If you allow negative into your life you are taking away from your life. Stay positive and you’ll stay alive…(3D)

You get more out of life when you think positive......

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Don’t rely on others to fill your void of happiness. You never know what octane they will put in your tank. Even if they do offer you temporary happiness, when there is no one around you will not know how to pump your own gas—how to be happy on your own. You will be left stranded without a way out. Self-reliance is self-empowerment. The more you rely on others, the more power you give them over you and your ability to reach your goals. Find your inner strength and you will free yourself from needing others more than the healthy amount…(3D)

Strive for self-fulfillment.....

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